5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Cinematographer for your Wedding

Don’t mistake a Cinematographer for a Videographer, both are completely different from each other. A videographer will make sure that he records most of the wedding and wouldn’t have any story telling added to his video which makes it a little bland and boring whereas a cinematographer will capture the important moments and highlights of your wedding and add it all together in a form of a story. So basically, if you want a short film of your wedding experience, then you should go for a cinematographer.

Why should you get a Cinematographer for your wedding? Well, here are just a few reasons why you should get one for your wedding.

You won’t get time on your wedding day

This is a no-brainer really, we all know how hectic the wedding schedule can be with numerous tasks and rituals and sometimes you don’t get a moment to observe how it is going around you. Being a bride or a groom can be more stressing as you have to make sure that you are up to the mark and aren’t late for your own wedding. With all this ruckus, who gets time to look around and enjoy their own wedding?

A Cinematographer will help with just that, they will record the highlights and the major moments of your wedding and then string it together to give you a short, meaningful film of your wedding which you can then later watch and marvel at.

Tell your wedding story

If you are one of those Bollywood freaks, then getting a Cinematographer is a must for your wedding. You can create a beautiful story out of your wedding and capture your wedding beautifully ignoring all the boring details. You can capture your love for each other and all the funny antics which happen during the wedding and make it your own personal movie.

Imagine watching your wedding story years later and reigniting your love every time you watch it? A beautiful story about two people in love, what more could you possibly ask for?

Wedding Pic

Share it with people who couldn’t be present

Another great reason why a Cinematographer would be good for your wedding is that once they have recorded and stringed together the recordings into a short movie, you can share this movie with your near and dear ones who somehow couldn’t make it to your wedding. So to make sure that your loved ones don’t miss out on your wedding experience and only witness the highlights of the wedding, get a cinematographer.

If you are thinking that a videographer could do the same and then you could share that recording with your friend, well I would just say that your friends would watch 2 minutes of that long, boring session and then close it. A Cinematographer will keep the attention of your friends for the whole duration of the movie and would leave them too spell bounded by the end of it.

Photography cannot replace cinematography

You might argue that if you are investing in a Good Photographer, then why do you need a Cinematographer too? You and your family can just take a look at the wedding pictures and enjoy. But what you are forgetting that even though a photograph will capture a moment, it won’t tell why you were laughing or blushing at that particular moment. On the other hand, a Cinematographer will capture the whole moment and show it in your wedding movie allowing you to laugh at that anecdote or blush at that teasing again. If you’re planning for a Phuket or Krabi Destination wedding then this just became 10x more important.

Really, I don’t think this should be even a discussion. A Cinematographer and a Photographer have completely different jobs and both are important to capture a wedding perfectly.

Highlights of your wedding

The best part about a Cinematographer is that he won’t record the dull moments or the monotonous moments of your wedding, he would only focus on the important aspects of the wedding and ignore all the mundanities. He would follow the groom and the bride around and record any funny or loving gesture and would turn your ordinary wedding into a fairytale story.

Don’t all of us want that for us? A fairytale come to life? And a Cinematographer will help you in achieving just that.

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